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Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:United States of America
I am an educator, formerly at the secondary level, now at the postsecondary level. I am on my second tour through graduate school. My weird passions are for French colonial history and for sociolinguistics. I speak English, French, and Spanish. I am also a classically trained vocalist and a Big Nerd.

I like to be useful and I like to do silly silly things. I have the demeanor of a Labrador retriever. Only more evil.

Pretty much all the juicy personal stuff is friends-only. I'll occasionally unblock a rant or an essay I'm particularly proud of, though.

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acting, africa, alan moore, albert camus, alpacas, andrea gibson, animals, art, arthurian legend, bellingham, bellydance, birds, books, bubble tea, canoe, catholic, cats, climbing trees, coffee, colonialism, cuddling, culture, dance, dancing, discworld, diversity, dogs, douglas adams, dungeons and dragons, eddie izzard, education, environment, etymology, falconry, family, feminism, flash animations, folk music, franciscan, fred pellerin, french, friends, games, geeks, geology, god, grad school, greek mythology, hamsters, health, hellsing, hiking, history, human rights, intellectuals, irony, john irving, kayaking, les miserables, linguistics, literature, llamas, lordi, love, mischief, monty python, morphology, morphosyntax, multicultural, music, nanowrimo, nature, neil gaiman, nerds, noise, npr, once and future king, pablo neruda, painting, pan galactic gargle blasters, parrots, partners in health, peru, philosophy, phonetics, phonology, photography, pirates, pluralism, poetry, poetry that isn't crappy, politics, postgrad, pragmatics, rain, reading, red dwarf, refugee services, religion, religious freedom, renaissance, river canoe, role playing, romance, sailing, science, semantics, senegal, service, social justice, sociolinguistics, southern poverty law center, spanish, spoken word, sushi, syntax, tattoos, teaching, ted talks, the mists of avalon, thrift stores, travel, traveling, trees, united church of christ, violence prevention, voltaire, wade davis, walking, washington, washington state, water, webcomics, writing, yo mama
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