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I have been playing computer games ever since I developed the manual dexterity to do so.  However, this was in the mid-1980s, so they were unimpressive compared to the computer games we have now.  I don't remember the exact sequence of when I played what, but I remember being 3 or 4 and using a rudimentary drawing program using keystrokes (remember, this was before computer mice).  By the time I was 5, I had mastered Reader Rabbit, Math Rabbit, and The Mixed-Up Mother Goose, which I remember particularly fondly.  That game is how I know all the words to a ton of nursery rhymes and the electronic beep-beep version of their melodies.  Maybe that set the stage for me to enjoy story-based games.

We were not allowed to play games that involved killing anything (which I agree with 100%), nor were we allowed console games until my brother wore my parents down and they got him a PlayStation when he was in junior high.
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I few minutes ago, I made my first post with my Android phone using the LJ app.  Just to make sure it had turned out, I went on my computer to check.

AND IT HAD POSTED MY LOCATION, INCLUDING WHAT IT THOUGHT WAS MY EXACT ADDRESS.  It did get the address wrong, thank God!  But it was WAY too close for comfort.  Who the hell at LiveJournal thought THAT level of specificity as a default was a good idea?????

Ironic, considering my "Internet Safety" userpic.

Needless to say, I took the address out, and will also be very careful about using that app in the future!


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